injury prevention and recovery services in lincoln, NE

Our team of professionals here at Turning Pointe Chiropractic in Lincoln, NE, truly care about the renewed sense of comfort they are able to provide patients. Whether you are in agonizing pain because of an injury at work or you have been diagnosed with spinal issues and need help navigating how to life successfully with this problem, we are here to help.

Our office offers a wide range of injury prevention and recovery services to ensure that each patient’s full needs are met. Our team of accomplished and licensed chiropractors is committed to helping you get well and stay well throughout all stages of life. We believe communication is key to creating trust and establishing a bond with our patients. These bonds allow us to provide you with better diagnosis and treatment.

Dr. Linn Erickson is an Advanced Certified Fellow in Chiropractic BioPhysics, the most researched technique in chiropractic. Learn more at Dr. Linn is an expert at spinal rehabilitation and will prescribe exercises that you can do at home to help rehabilitate your back or injury. We design a personalized curriculum that suits each patient's specific needs so that they get the most effective treatment possible.

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